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About Lara


Welcome to Allora Arte! I’m Lara Balog. A young Australian artist that tells tales of strength and empowerment through a paintbrush and pen. 


When I was younger, my dream was to fill every wall (and the ceiling) of my bedroom with my artworks, and honestly- I was pretty close to achieving that (although I have to admit- my artworks were more like scribbles at that stage.. sorry 10 year old Lara). Thankfully, I managed to find my unique style of art in 2018 when I started creating artworks revolving around my love of folklore and mythology.

I am now finding so many reasons to be inspired and empowered throughout my research for my artworks. From mythology, Australian history and my own journey of becoming who I am.


My highest goal in both my art and my daily life is to empower a wider audience. To say that no matter what obstacles you face- you are strong, and you are powerful. 

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